SoM Version 1.0 - My first game..?

This is the first version of the game ever, and basically my starting point.  It's really.. really bare bones. I was mainly trying to cover as much time as possible to get to the main juicy scene which, if I had been making the game chronologically, would have taken me much much longer to get to. I didn't manage to add any clickable characters, missing sprites for some of the characters that I do have in there, there's no maps, and no inventory, no choices..  and its like, 5% of the  complete story, i would say..

The list of things that are not there that I would like to be there is essentially infinite. But for my first game in 12 days, I guess I should focus on what is there. 

I spent a lot of time working out the timing and animation for the Harmony entry scene. It still is really bare and very choppy, but I'm glad I got the pan and sizing right. I actually spent a lot of time working on Harmony sprites, when ultimately i don't use any of them cause I had to end the game too soon, so i do feel like I wasted my time there, but at least I have them for the future. I think the content I put in at least summarizes the gist of the beginning of the story. 

Even though I didn’t make the game jam deadine, I’m glad i started this game on a solid foundation of a good week or so worth of work and planning.  I’m confident in the story and am looking forward to refining the look of the game next.

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Feb 12, 2018
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Feb 12, 2018

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Can't wait for future versions of the game! I'm tempted to play the demo but I think I will hold back for now since I wanna play it all in one juicy playthru!

Hang in there-- you got this! You can do it! *O*9

Ahh thanks for your interest and good vibes!!! Yeah, right now it's just about nothing, but I hope to keep chugging and make something that's a little more playable and sleek asap. I would've honestly not posted anything if it weren't for a jam, plus having a bad version out motivates me to work quicker to replace it with something better haha.

ps. I love your work on Disaster Log C, it makes it a model of visual novel excellence I'm Just Sayin' >//0//< looking forward to seeing more of your projects!!

Oh yes-- getting out a demo so it can be part of the jam entries is VERY important actually! (I'm always surprised by how many hits I get from Jam pages, woo!) Having a demo is a great motivator though and as long as you're getting a little work done; even just a TINY bit in a day; as long as you do it consistently-- you'll get there!

ALSO AW!!! THANK YOU! I am really proud of Disaster Log C and always love hearing people enjoyed it~ Nami is helping me with another game that will hopefully be coming out in 2018-- though she's just doing the music, and helping coding it's still a project we're both very passionate about. :D Hehe! GAME DEV!!!