SoM - New title screen, before and after!

I don't have a new version of the game ready yet, but I do have this new menu screen!

Art: The characters are much more "on model",  and colorful. As you can see, I have an updated logo for both my "studio",  One Dove Above,  as well as the logo for Star of Mine! I may still change both of these logos, but they're good placeholders. The initial splashscreen for One Dove Above is skippable, like you can click to skip it. 

Animation: Everything's animated now! Things get kinda weird when you have a lot of animated features in one scene with Ren'py though. Harmony slides in from the right, stars are falling, the logo floats, it's a lot. But it's not too too choppy so I'm pretty happy with it. It's small, but I'm satisfied with Harmony's slow blink   o__o   u__u   o__o  I animated that with Photoshop, and did the falling stars with Flash with editing in Photoshop. 

Sound: The music of course is not my own and will be replaced with some original music eventually. Right now it is a track from Suite Precure, OST 1 Track 01. The buttons currently have bell sound effects for when you hover over them. This will be only for the menu  buttons, I imagine that could get pretty annoying if that were for every button in the game. I don't have a good button clicking noise yet, but that'll be in there too. 

Here's a before and after of what the first title screen looked like from the 12 day game jam versus what it currently looks like! 

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